DIY Tortilla Press

DIY Tortilla Press: How to Make One?

Ever bought a wood piece that ended up disappointing you? And then you thought if you could craft it by yourself, you would embed every attribute that you always asked for. Didn’t you? Well, that’s what DIY is for! You can be the creator of your essentials, and mastering the skill fosters the equity of … Read more

What Are Tortilla Chips Made of?

You know what? Sunday movie night and tortilla chips are the perfect duos when you are home alone. Even if you’ve invited your friends or wanted to treat your guests with a potluck, then tortilla chips would be the best choice. Also, the making process comes handy, and the ingredients are easily accessible in every local … Read more

How to Use a Tortilla Press?

It’s sickening when you have an 8-hour corporate job but need to prepare your own meals! I am talking about tortillas, of course. Doesn’t it drain a lot of time? Hence, I started scouring in every market to find out the best tortilla press so that I can make round and consistent tortillas in a jiffy. … Read more


The Benefits of Tamarind Juice

If you are the kind of person who is a lover of organic remedies, we have something to offer. The tangy flavor of tamarind is not only an ingredient for sour-candy, but it is also a great remedy to numerous problems. Also, the tamarind juice is rich with antioxidants and nutrients. It is an amazing source … Read more