Climate-smart agriculture can diminish planthopper outbreaks, but a number of bad habits are counterproductive

Planthopper fluctuation in Indonesia between 1991 and 2010 that Mr. Budyanto presented (Graph 1) showed that the peaks of the two most serious outbreaks were related with the occurrence of La Ni?a.   The graph shows the peaks of BPH outbreaks in 1998, 2005, and 2010 with its highest damages of up to 140,000 ha.  Damage … Read more

New spider species named in honor of Professor Jiaan Cheng, Mallinella chengjiaani

Plague presented to Prof JA Cheng (left) by Dr Robert Zeigler, Director General of International Rice Research Institute (center) and Prof Zhang Guoping, Dean, Faculty of Agriculture, Zhejiang University (right)The Hainan project on arthropod biodiversity discovered 43 new species of spiders in rice ecosystems on the island. Many of the new species are being named … Read more


Is the smaller brown planthopper (SBPH) spreading rapidly?

Another important planthopper pest of rice is the smaller brown planthopper (SBPH) Laodelphax striatellus, which is mainly found in temperate rice areas. In China this pest is becoming increasingly damaging and populations of SBPH are becoming highly resistant to insecticides. Recently the pest was reported to occur in large densities in the Red River Delta of … Read more


Last week I visited Tan Tru district in Long An province and saw numerous rice fields destroyed by planthoppers. I interviewed the farmers and found that some have been using 10 insecticide applications, one seed treatment, one granular application and 8 sprays.  Broad spectrum pyrethroid, organo phosphates among others have been used in mixtures. Crops … Read more